Welcome To My Blog

안녕하세요/Annyeonghaseyo/Hello!  Thank you for being here right now.  I’m delighted to share space with you and I’m grateful that you’re reading my words.  You’ve stumbled upon a blog that documents my experiences as a social work student out in the world engaging in real time learning, pursuing an international field placement in Seoul, Korea.

This blog will provide readers with an opportunity to experience social work at the ground level in Korea.  It will provide insight into a social work student’s adjustment to a new (but strangely familiar) culture.  Accounts of organizing and activism around the marginalized and oppressed sectors of Korean society will be documented.

My hope is that this blog provides readers with some understanding of the following:

  • Korean society from a western perspective
  • What it’s like and how it feels to be a social work student in the field gaining experience
  • Ups and downs of completing an international field placement
  • How oppression and discrimination look in Korea
  • What social service/social work looks like in Korea
  • Adoptee narrative- international adoption from an adoptee’s perspective
  • What it feels like for an adoptee to return to their birth country
  • What it feels like for an adoptee to be searching for their birth family

My aim is to make this blog informative, especially for any potential social work students thinking of completing an international field placement.  By sharing my own perspective, I intend to add to the growing body of documents accounting for an adoptee’s experience.