My Placement Agencies


KoRoot is a guesthouse for Korean adoptees who have returned to the country.  I’m thankful to have such a place to stay when I first arrive in Seoul!  According to the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare (2002), Korean adoptees have been sent to at least 29 different countries since the Korean War ended in 1953.  With an estimated 200,000 Korean adoptees living throughout the world, KoRoot is a vital safe haven for those of us returning to the country with limited or no resources.

KoRoot not only provides physical refuge to Korean adoptees, the agency is also an NGO working towards solutions to issues related to overseas adoption.  KoRoot raises social awareness surrounding intercountry adoption issues, and does this based on a human rights framework. Check out the agency’s full scope of work here.

Adoptee Solidarity Korea (ASK)

According to the About ASK page, the organization was formed in 2004 by a group of Korean adoptees residing in the country.  Striving to examine issues related to Korean overseas adoption, the group educates and activates people on positive alternatives to intercountry adoption.

ASK advocates for changes that improve the social welfare system in Korea such that intercountry adoption out of Korea is no longer necessary.  By examining adoption from a human rights perspective, ASK seeks to be an active part of the social and political change needed to keep families together.